Upgrades & Retrofits

Improve equipment design, enhance performance and minimize maintenance costs

Our upgrades and retrofits restore your equipment to better than new condition for many more years of productive and efficient operation. We also service equipment built by other bakery equipment suppliers.
Loaf Maker Sanilite Hopper Upgrade:

Switch from your current stainless steel hopper to our new sanilite hopper design. The new hopper provides a smooth yet durable surface that makes dough delivery and sanitation easier.


Loaf Maker Auger Upgrade:

Replace your old Loaf Maker augers with our new one piece design. New augers have no pins to shear off and no plugs to fall out into the dough. These augers are more durable and more sanitary than the original design.


Loaf Maker Feed Roll Drive Upgrade:

Switch to individual drives for your Loaf Maker feed rolls and see improved dough control, less dough damage, and more consistent loaf weights.


Ball Screw Upgrade:

Having trouble getting parts for your Rapidtrak? Upgrade to our new ball screw design for increased life and easier operation of the Shuttle System.

Switch Pulley Drives To VFDs:

Change your current pulley driven mechanical drives to electrical variable frequency drives. This change will results in decreased down time, easier operation and better product weight control.


Pre-Feed Rolls:

Add motor driven, grooved, counter rotating pre-feed rolls between the dough hopper and Extruder housing. This provides more consistent dough flow and product weights. It also allows for the ability to process a wider variety of dough.


Add Pressure Transducer In Compression Housing:

Gives the ability to trend dough flow through the extrusion housing while adding an additional dimension to the emergency safety circuit.


Extruder Auger Upgrade:

Replace your old Extruder augers with our new one piece design. The new augers have no pins to shear off and no plugs to fall out into the dough. These augers are more durable and more sanitary than current augers.

Proofing Conveyor Retractable Nose:

Addition of retractable nose allows easier access to the dough forming equipment, which in turn reduces maintenance and sanitation time.


Proofing Conveyor 3 Roll Tracker:

Addition of 3 roll tracker to the Proofing Conveyor improves product transfers and side to side tracking of the belt. This virtually eliminates belt wear and edge fraying.


Flying Knife Replacement:

Still running an old flying knife arrangement? Purchase a brand new Guillotine Cutter and see your product throughput and quality increase drastically. The replacement also increases the number of products that can be processed on this particular line.


Guillotine Cutter Single Blade Upgrade:

Already have a G-Cutter but with multiple cutting blades? Upgrade to a single blade beam and utilize a thinner, stronger, more adjustable and more cost efficient blade. This eliminates the risk of your product falling at a blade seam, caused by multiple blades.


Guillotine Cutter Vulcanized Cutting Roll:

Replace your current steel roll or solid anvil with our vulcanized cutting roll. Provides a flexible cutting surface for increased life of both your conveyor belt and cutting blade.


Guillotine Cutter Servo Motor Control:

Upgrade to a servo motor control package for your G-Cutter to gain precise control and increased life of the cutting mechanism.

Conveyor Rack Replacement / Pin Roll Drive:

Replace your existing Cooker racks with our new design for better product transfers. Use in conjunction with a pin roll drive system to eliminate tracking issues and increase ease of operation. This system eliminates the need for chain edge belt for less expensive, easier to maintain all mesh belting. Both changes lead to longer life of the conveyor.


Centrifugal Pump:

Replace the circulation system air diaphragm pump with this new centrifugal pump. This eliminates pulsing of the waterfall system, allowing a more fluid flow and increased life of the system. The new centrifugal pump also increases the accuracy of conductivity measuring and allows for greater system efficiency.


IJ4 Burner Upgrade:

Switch from your current IJ3 burner to the new IJ4 to double the capacity of the heater. The IJ4 decreases set up time and maintenance issues, and attaches to the current mounting system, eliminating costly retrofit issues.


Waterfall System:

Install a waterfall system to your Cooker to increase the flexibility with this production alternative to the cooker bath.


New Exhaust Blower:

Switch from your current in-line exhaust blower to a new roof mounted unit. The new roof mounted unit increases exhaust efficiency throughout the Cooker and extends the life of the system by removing fan parts from the caustic stream.

Switch from Vibratory to Roll Dispensing:

Depending on your production line, roll dispensing may be a more effective means of distributing your salt/seasoning efficiently over the width of the belt.


Walter Filtration System:

Upgrade your system from the current style to our new water filtration system. This very inexpensive retrofit drastically cuts down on airborne salt dust.


Upgrade Level Indicators:

Change from the older Bindicator system to our new capacitance switches. The new switches help to maintain tighter control on the supply and refill of your dispensers reservoir.

Top End Oven Repair:

Is your gas and air combustion system riddled with potentially dangerous leaks? Upgrade to our new stainless steel combustion system, which is now externally mounted outside the oven to virtually eliminate corrosion.


New Roll Stand Design:

An Extended Roll Stand eliminates the need for a Transfer Conveyor, which solves many maintenance issues. Smaller end rolls allow for smoother product transfers and tighter control on product orientation.


Belt Brush Cleaning System:

This cleaning system removes product debris automatically and decreases the risk of product contamination.


Roll Upgrades:

Change any roll less than 6 inches in diameter to our new formed style roll. There are no welds to break, which virtually eliminates the chance of roll failure, and they are much stronger than older, welded rolls.

For more information on upgrades contact Gary Shollenberger at Gary.Shollenberger@readingbakery.com

The harsh environment of a baking chamber causes deterioration of oven burner components that can result in poor quality product and an overall shorter life span of the burner.

T.L. Green offers a burner rebuild program to assist in burner management and achieve the desired quality standards throughout the entire heat transfer process.

The Spindle Mixers ability to perform consistently day in and day out is measured by the even transfer of power from the motors through the spindles and into the dough being worked in the trough. However, the heart of this transfer is the gearbox from which all of the spindles are driven. Over time, the gearbox performance may deteriorate due to environmental conditions and gaps in the preventive maintenance program.

T.L. Green offers a Spindle Mixer rebuild package that takes into consideration the fact that most manufacturers cannot afford significant amounts of downtime. A T.L. Green reliability centered preventive maintenance program can be specifically tailored to the required service conditions of your mixer. The preventive maintenance program will incorporate production line scheduling, maintenance and spare parts requirements.

For more information on retrofits contact Mark Priar at Mark.Priar@readingbakery.com

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