Vertical Spindle Mixer

A mixing solution for dough trough batch processing

The Thomas L. Green Vertical Spindle Mixer is a proven and efficient solution for mixing fermented, unfermented, and rotary moulded dough. It is an excellent choice for two stage batch mixing where consistency and repeatability are necessary for product quality control.

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Features & Specifications

Our cutting-edge equipment optimizes output and efficiency to improve your products and your process.
  • Independent gearboxes for each vertical spindle mixer
  • Hardened rails for vertical movement of the mixing head
  • Configurable mixing paddles for different products
  • Motorized spindle raising system
  • Spindle paddle shafts supported on spherical roller bearings
  • Dough trough lock in place mechanism - air operated
  • Shipped 90% assembled for quick installation

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RBS equipment is designed and built to our SafeShield Program standards to ensure operator safety, easy and quick sanitation and food safety. Key SafeShield features for this machine are:
  • Light guards or ‘garage door’ style guards limit operator interaction during mixing cycle
  • Mixing components are removable for sanitation

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Reading Bakery Systems provides the latest, custom designed control systems for your equipment. All control systems are designed and built in house. We stay up to date on the latest technologies, safety standards and control specifications to keep your production running safely and efficiently.
  • All mixer functions are controlled from the touchscreen control interface, including mixing head movement, paddle operation and mix time.
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